Head Gasket High Performance .080 MLS  230 - 250 - 292 Inline 6 Chevy (Copy)

Head Gasket High Performance .080 MLS 230 - 250 - 292 Inline 6 Chevy (Copy)

Mrhotrod6 Cometic .080

$ 212.00

230 250 292 Inline 6 Chevy Cometic MLS Head Gasket

MLS = Multi Layer Steel .080


 The strongest head gasket ever produced


Cometic MLS Gaskets are comprised of multiple layers of stainless steel due to its increased strength, ability to rebound and resistance to corrosion.

 They provide maximum sealing performance for today's high output engines and require no sealants

 No need to re-torque, the embossing design of the MLS gasket promotes an even clamp load across the sealing surface allowing for measurable reduced bore distortion

The outer layers of the gaskets are embossed and coated on both sides with Viton - a flouroelastomer rubber based material that is heat resistant to 250°C /482ºF. Viton is designed to meet the demands of a variety of harsh sealing environments, load conditions, and surface finishes.

The center or shim layer is un-coated stainless steel layer Total Thickness .080

 This is an indefinitely reusable gasket that has been tested on all the top racers engines in the country and has a 0 fail under heavy boost and up to 16 to 1 compression!

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