Crank Shaft drill and tap fixture tool kit SBC 283 and 327 CID 7/16

327 CID - 7/16 crank Drill

$ 137.50

283 and 327 CID Chevy Engines Crank Shaft drill and tap fixture tool kit 7/16

If your crankshaft is not out of the engine and can not be drilled and tapped in a crank shaft lath this very handy tool lets even the novice at home machinist precision drill and tap the crank shaft snout on the 283 and 327 Chevrolet inline engines for correct dampener install and a positive retention bolt.

 Back by popular demand this tool was designed by Mike Kirby @ Sissells Automotive many years ago and is manufactured in the USA. They are CNC machined using the latest technology and highest quality materials. The steel used is called Stressproof it is made by a patented process which consists of drawing the steel bar through a special die under heavy draft, then stress relieving it in a precisely controlled furnace. It offers wear ability without case hardening, super strength without heat treating, and excellent machine ability and tool life. It resists fatigue, stress, and distortion. 

The kit includes; Step by step instruction sheet, Drill alignment main fixture, Step down pilot fixture sleeve and drill, correct final drill bit, and final Tap.

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