Roller Rockers 3/8 Stud CUSTOM 230 250 292 Chevy L6

HS Custom Mrhotrod6

$ 389.50



12 New 194 230 250 292 Chevrolet L6 Custom built Roller Rocker arm Kit.


For Mrhotrod6 Motorsports by Harland Sharp. Heavy Duty Aluminum body. Correct 1.75 Ratio for 3/8 stud mounting. Custom Machined for extra push rod large Cam Shaft angle clearance. Extra clearances for jumbo retainers. Then we have them custom machine and install a .430 wide roller tip wheel to aid in valve stem position to valve tip center. The stock normal roller wheel size is .360 wide.


Life Time Guarantee direct from Manufacture


With all head castings from GM not intended for High Performance use all castings where far from perfect by today’s standards. Many times the roller tip to valve stem is far from centered. This custom kit eliminates the need for lash caps to correctly distribute the load to valve center.

Rockers 1 and 12 are custom specific corner radius to aid in valve cover clearance.


Complete Custom kit includes 12 New 3/8 Roller Rockers with 12 Heavy Duty Poly Locks.


As with all aftermarket roller rockers push rod length and valve cover clearance must be checked.


Mrhotrod6 Motorsports; For when only the finest Quality will do.


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